Planning Application Validation Requirements

Closed 10 May 2023

Opened 12 Apr 2023

Results updated 24 May 2023

Nine consultation responses were received in respect of the draft Validation Checklist.

These consultation responses have been reviewed and as appropriate the Validation Checklist was updated to reflect issues raised. 

The final updated Validation Checklist was published for use on the 22 May 2023. 



Our Validation requirements list sets out the documents that are required when submitting a planning application, as well as what elements are required within those documents. For example what plans are needed for what types of applications, what is required on each plan etc.

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As part of reviewing our validation requirements we wanted to consult with interested stakeholders on the changes we are proposing. Below is a summary of the proposed additions to our validation requirements which we welcome your views on:

  • Plans that are measurable and to scale
  • The requirement for full existing and proposed plans at a scale of not less than 1:50
  • Requiring floor plans to have labels
  • The submission of documents containing photographs of the outside of buildings
  • For full applications CIL form 1 and where CIL liable, CIL form 2
  • For PD applications CIL form 5
  • Where the development is in the Green Belt, full volume calculations of both the existing and proposed development
  • All submitted documents shall be clear, precise and consistent
  • Plans shall be clear, legible and easy to understand
  • Plans shall not include unnecessary additions irrelevant to the planning process such as Building Control, structural or non-planning details to avoid additional clutter and confusion

Why your views matter

We want to ensure that the validation list is sufficiently clear, so that we receive the right information first time. This will help us deal with planning applications more efficiently to the benefit of all users of the service. 

What happens next

We will review the comments we receive on the validation checklist before publishing an updated validation checklist in May 2023. 


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