We asked, you said, we did

Below are outcomes for some of the issues we've recently asked about.

We asked

We asked you to tell us about the area in which you live.

You said

You Described your area as:

  • Friendly,
  • Congested,
  • Good Community,                                                                   
  • Quiet(Environment),
  • Busy(Traffic).

Told us what was important to you as:

  • Green Spaces,
  • Being Safe,
  • Open Spaces,                                                 
  • Green Belt Protection,
  • Shops.

What you would change if you could as:

  • Road Maintenance,
  • Stop Development,                                                 
  • Pot Holes,
  • Road Improvements,
  • Traffic Reduction. 

Anything Else about your area as:

  • Congested,
  • Stop Development,
  • Green Belt Protection,
  • Pot Holes,
  • Road Condition.

We did

We analysed the responses and published an Initial Engagement Outcomes report revealing how the community feel’s about where they live.

Initial Engagement Outcomes report 2023

We will use these responses to prepare the Castle Point Plan and will engage on the options for addressing the issues raised in the summer of 2024.