Local List of Heritage Assets Nominations

Closed 24 Nov 2023

Opened 26 May 2023


As part of the preparation of the Castle Point Plan, the Council is asking residents what they value about their local towns.

This is your opportunity to nominate buildings that you value for their historic, architectural or cultural importance. They could end up on a register of local heritage assets, which have more protection against unsuitable development. 

These local heritage assets are not included on the national lists of 'Listed Buildings' and 'Scheduled Monuments'. They are nonetheless important locally, and national planning policies recognise the contribution they make to the local environment. 

A local list was included in the 1998 Castle Point Local Plan. That list is now 25 years old and needs updating which is where you come in.

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As we prepare a new Plan, the Council has commissioned historic environment specialists to undertake a review of the list included in the 1998 Local Plan, and to review any additional buildings or structures nominated by local residents for inclusion on the local list going forward. 

There is a clear methodology that will be applied in reviewing and updating the Local List of Heritage Assets. 

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Why your views matter

The purpose of the local list of heritage assets is to the recognise the buildings and structures that contribute to the distinctiveness and quality of the local environment, and are valued by local people. 

Residents therefore have an important role to play in identifying those buildings and structures that they value for the contribution they make to the quality of their town, and to their understanding of the history and heritage of the local area. 

There are many residents living in Castle Point who are interested in local history, heritage, culture and the arts, and we would be interested in hearing from these residents and community groups about the heritage assets that they value. 

What happens next

Each nomination received will be passed to our historic environmental specialists who will use the following methodology to determine if it should be included on the local list of heritage assets. This work will be undertaken in early 2024, and reported to the Council for consideration by the end of 2024. 

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