Call for Sites

Closed 12 Feb 2024

Opened 12 Jan 2024


As part of the initial work for the emerging Castle Point Plan, we are inviting the submission of sites within the borough that may be suitable for the following uses: 

  • Housing and other residential uses – including specialist housing
  • Commercial - including employment and retail
  • Infrastructure – including community uses 
  • Green infrastructure - including biodiversity net gain and renewable energy

This process is known as the ‘Call for Sites’. The Call for Sites is an opportunity for landowners and those with development interests to suggest possible sites that may be suitable for development or redevelopment for the uses listed above.

It is important to note, the Call for Sites exercise will not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for development. All sites will need to be further assessed for suitability and capability of development and will then be consulted upon with the public. The submission of a site through the Call for Sites process does not give them any planning status, nor does it determine any future planning status.

If you have submitted a site to us during a previous Call for Sites exercise, we will require you to resubmit the site if you wish for it to be considered as part of the Castle Point Plan.


  • All Areas


  • Major housebuilders
  • SME builders
  • Local agents
  • Local Community Service Providers
  • Infrastructure Providers


  • Castle Point Plan