Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Closes 23 Jun 2024

Opened 20 May 2024


Castle Point Borough Council Housing Service are committed to providing homes that are affordable, safe and secure, which tenants can be proud to call home, as well as contributing to healthy and safe neighbourhoods and communities. We look to continuously improve the ways which we deliver services to our are residents to meet their diverse needs.  The questions asked will be used to prepare an annual report to tenants of Tenant Satisfaction Measures detailing how we have performed over the past 12 months, the results will also be shared with the Regulator of Social Housing which forms part of their ongoing review of providers.  The questions should be answered in relation to the services offered solely by the Housing Services team and not other services delivered by the council such as Waste and Recycling or Environmental Health. 

Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard - April 2024

Why your views matter

By participating in this survey you will help us identify areas that we need to improve the service we provide to you, with the aim to deliver a constantly improving environment for both current and future tenants which are aligned with resident priorities based on mutual trust and respect. 

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